Junior Chefs

Junior Chefs was founded in Sydney in 2020 but was many years in the making. Founded by Vicki Ryvchin, whose family once ran Russian restaurants throughout Sydney and eventually created Mila’s Catering, which has become one of Sydney’s premier event catering companies. Junior Chefs now takes the sum of these experiences to new and exciting realms. Cooking after all gives us satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment requires attention to detail, persistence and is enormous fun! This makes cooking a perfect holiday experience for your children.

Junior Chefs is a cooking camp for primary school-aged children that provides a warm, friendly environment in which your children can learn the joy of cooking, try something different, enhance their motor skills, develop their ability to follow recipes, and take pride in their accomplishments. All this under the nurturing supervision of our dedicated and experienced cooks and carers.

Half-day camps are run all throughout the school holidays from Sydney’s most celebrated community kitchen, Our Big Kitchen in Bondi.

Meet Our Team

Vicki Ryvchin
Head Chef
Mila Rodov